Scour the Rust involves playing a lot of Iron Banner–but there’s one particular steps that’s currently bugged.

The first Iron Banner of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep era–and of Season 8, Season of the Undying–is underway. The basics are still the same: This is a Crucible mode where, unlike usual, level advantages are enabled, meaning you’ll want to come with your highest Power level gear. But the process for obtaining Iron Banner weapons and the new armor is different than it used to be, as you’ll first need to make your way through a seasonal pursuit known as Scour the Rust. Here’s what it involves.

Bungie announced on Twitter that the Scour the Rust quest is changing. For the first two days of Iron Banner, a bug caused the last step of the quest to require you to rack up 10 submachine gun kills, but the step said that it required 10 Super kills. Because of the error, Bungie said it’s setting the final step of the quest to auto-complete, making it a touch easier to nab your Iron Banner armor during the first event of Shadowkeep.

You initially pick up the Scour the Rust quest from Lord Saladin at the Tower, who should also have a set of four bounties (offering Pinnacle rewards, which will let you level from 950 to 960). But until you complete Scour the Rust, you won’t be able to turn in Iron Banner tokens to purchase rewards packages from Saladin. As a result, any rewards you get from Iron Banner until the quest is finished will come from completing bounties and matches. Scour the Rust needs to be completed on each of your characters, but it will reward you with the new Iron Will armor for your class. The current instance of Iron Banner will end at 10 AM PT on October 22, but you have the full season to complete this quest.

Upon picking up the quest, you’ll see your first set of three objectives. Completing all of these will unlock the next portion of the six-part quest. You can see everything this entails below, courtesy of datamined info from, but be aware that one of the final steps is bugged–as described below and on Bungie’s Twitter account, the step you must complete is quite different from what you’re told to do in-game. Luckily, some of the steps will be tracked even before you reach that step of the pursuit, which should speed up the process. Each step will advance to the next automatically upon completion and earn you a reward–no trip back to Saladin needed, at least until you reach the very last part.


  • Opponents defeated (30)
  • Zones captures (10)
  • Super final blows (3)

Reward: Claws of the Wolf (Iron Banner pulse rifle)


  • Matches completed (6)
  • Zones captured (20)
  • Pulse rifle final blows (25)

Reward: Unknown


  • Fusion rifle final blows (20)
  • Zones captured (30)
  • Opponents defeated (100)

Reward: Unknown


  • Submachine gun final blows (15)
  • Super final blows (15)
  • Zones captured (40)

Reward: Unknown


  • Zones captured (50)
  • Matches completed (15)
  • Super final blows (10)
    • For the first two days of Iron Banner, this step was bugged, requiring submachine gun kills in place of Super final blows. Because of the confusion, Bungie announced on Twitter it had set the final step of the Iron Banner quest to auto-complete–so if you haven’t finished Conviction, you don’t have to worry about it.

Reward: Unknown


  • Return to Lord Saladin

Reward: Unknown