According to Forbes analyst, Erik Kain, the Xbox Series X has one huge advantage over the PS5: Xbox Game Pass.

Later this year the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are expected to hit shelves, continuing the long standing console wars between Playstation and Xbox. Considering Playstation’s impressive list of console-exclusive games, and the fact that the PS4 had no problem outselling the Xbox One, you might assume that the PS5 will easily take the crown once again. But according to Forbes analyst, Erik Kain, the Xbox Series X has one huge advantage over the PS5: Xbox Game Pass.

It’s hard to argue against Playstation’s lineup of exclusive games. As much as we love Halo, and Gears of War, nothing can really compare to the lineup of The Last of UsGod of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, BloodborneUncharted, and Horizon Zero Dawn. According to Kain, however, console exclusives are not the only aspect that will factor into who wins the next generation of console wars.

As the Forbes writer argues, Xbox Game Pass just might put Xbox ahead this time around. Kain asserts that there is no other service out there that works as well as Game Pass, and that future subscription deals could lead to many gamers picking up the Series X. Now that the service has included big titles such as GTA V and The Witcher 3, his point of view might have some weight to it.

The meat of Kain’s argument basically centers around the concept that once the Xbox Series X is released, Microsoft will begin offering cheaper models of the console. He even suggests that they could offer a console that is entirely free with purchase of a 2-year Game Pass subscription.

Although it’s not exactly clear whether or not Xbox is planning to go in this direction, Kain’s ideas certainly make sense. His business model would have Xbox leaning more towards the model of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Instead of buying games individually at $60 each time, a monthly subscription with unlimited games could be much more appealing to the consumer – especially if they don’t have to drop an absurd amount of money on the console itself.

One might argue that Game Pass has been around for a while now, and PS4s have still been outselling Xbox Ones – and they wouldn’t be wrong. However, if Microsoft could make Game Pass the focus of their new line of consoles, and offer more gaming options to players with lower budgets, it might just be the trump card that finally puts Xbox ahead of Playstation.