Console players have their shot to win some big money.

Fortnite tournaments have some of the biggest prize pools in esports, but they tend to be dominated by PC players. That’s not the case with the next big tournament, which will be a PlayStation 4-only event.

Developer Epic Games and Sony revealed the details of the PS4 exclusive Fortnite Celebration Cup with a prize pool of $1 million. The two-day tournament starts on Feb. 15 and is open to any players with a level 15 Fortnite account and two-factor authentication enabled on their Epic account. 

To win, players will need to earn the most points in their respective regions. The event will last approximately three hours on both days, and competitors can play a max of 10 games. Points will be earned depending on the final rankings of each match, with 10 points going to the winner of a match who earned the Victory Royale. 

Competitors will compete for in-game loot on Feb. 15, with the top 5% of players receiving the Tango skin. Then on Feb. 16, players will compete for the prize money. The prize payouts will vary from each region. For example, the North America East region will have a cash prize for the top 1,000 players, and the first-place winner will receive $2,500, the top European players will earn $3,000, and the top 1,500 players will win some money. A full listing of the rules is available on the Epic website. 

The Fortnite Celebration Cup is not the first console-exclusive tournament for the game. Last year, Epic held the Switch Japan Cup and the Xbox Cup events.