Fans speculate that a post made by the Fortnite Twitter account suggests the popular battle royal game is receiving yet another superhero crossover.

Fans are speculating that a post made by the Fortnite Twitter account suggests the popular, battle royal game will be receiving yet another superhero crossover. In the past, Fortnite has implemented a number of cross-promotional events for players to enjoy.

Released back in 2017, Fortnite quickly found popularity through its free-to-play, battle royal mode, though it wasn’t originally meant to be the game’s primary draw. Now, with over 200 million active players, Fortnite has become a household name, transitioning from video game to pop-culture icon. With this surge in popularity, the game has become a highly sought after platform for cross-promotion, collaborating with an impressive amount of franchises and brands. Just recently, Travis Scott performed an in-game concert, pulling in an astonishing 12.3 million players in attendance.

On June 15th, the official Fortnite Twitter account posted an image of a shiny, golden object, closely zoomed in on with a scope. Throughout the day, the game’s Twitter had been posting multiple images, teasing upcoming items and skins, all following the zoomed in, hard to identify theme. However, out of all of these teasers, none were quite as unclear as this golden image. As a result, fans flooded to the replies, theorizing as to what the item could possibly be. With a body of water being present in the background, some speculated that the item would be associated with the ocean. From there, it was pointed out that the object resembled the spear-head of a trident.

Quickly after this connection was made, the game’s Twitter account retweeted an image posted by a fan, placing a full, gold trident in the center of the scope. Although nothing had been officially confirmed, it became obvious to followers that the game’s next crossover would likely be one with Aquaman. Reactions to this prediction have been mixed, with some disliking the prospect of another superhero themed event, and others finding excitement in the idea. Some players on the other hand, although most likely poking fun, have theorized that the trident could be an item included with a Spongebob crossover, which had previously been hinted at back in early June.

Part of what has made Fortnite so successful has been Epic Games’ dedication to retaining their player’s attention. Through the game’s constant slew of updates, special events, and widely successful tournaments, Fortnite has not only maintained relevancy, but has thrusted video games into the mainstream limelight. With this success, many companies have flocked to Fortnite as a means of self-promotion. However, whereas some would simply add a skin and cash out, Fortnite has always done an excellent job at making these crossovers fun and engaging for its players. With this track record, fans should at the very least be curious to see how Epic Games implements Aquaman into its game. If it’s anything like Fortnite‘s Avengers crossover, fans could be in for a pleasant surprise.