And that infamous campaign mission, No Russians, is still there

It may not be officially announced, but it looks like some people already have their hands on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign remaster. 

As we previously reported, the trailer leaked online ahead of an official announcement, although there’s been rumors about the game’s existence circulating for a while. The trailer looks gorgeous and claims the remaster is “available now”, although it’ll likely come sometime this week – March 31 to be precise, as there’s a German PlayStation Store page advertising that date. 

However, according to Twitter user @racerize, German players are already playing Modern Warfare 2 remastered, and using their Twitch accounts to share clips of the revamped version of the 2009 game. 

Twitch user Emith_ shared several short clips to their channel, including one that confirms the controversial mission, No Russians, is in the remastered title. If you need a refresher (and spoilers), No Russians is the fourth mission in the game, where undercover CIA agent Joseph Allen takes part in a mass shooting in an airport while attempting to infiltrate a Russian terrorist cell. It’s a rough watch, not gonna lie, and one of the more gory missions in the game. Be warned.

At first glance, the above clip doesn’t look all that visually appealing, but chalk it up to the loss of quality when recording it from Twitch – the original looks a lot clearer. It also shows some of the changes made to the level design, including the interior of the elevator and the airport in question. If you’re curious, the player in question isn’t exercising their right to be a pacifist in this scene by not shooting anyone – the German and Japanese versions of the original Modern Warfare 2 edited the levels so that you’d fail if you killed any civilians. 

Not only is it wild that German PS4 players are seemingly already enjoying the game, but it’s certainly of note that No Russians is still included. We’ll keep you posted if any news breaks about the game’s worldwide release. Stay tuned.