As soon as a record is set, it’s broken

We’ve barely had Call of Duty Warzone for a week and the kill records are already wildly high, with squads setting and besting records in the same day. 

Just two days ago, Dexerto reported that the world record was 67 kills, set by the three-person squad of Lymax, Zepa, and Micka. Two days later, Lymax tweeted a screenshot of a Warzone scoreboard, showing off a new record set by the same squad: 73 kills. Now, it looks like that same squad has bested the record again, setting it at 78.  

To put it into perspective: Warzone drops 150 players into a battle of three-person squads, with 50 squads per match. Lymax, Zepa, and Micka’s record means they were responsible for killing 52% of a match’s participants, or on average, more than one person from each squad. That’s a lot of killing, guys.

That record already seems like an impossible one to beat, and it may get even more difficult in the near future. Players have pointed out that the Loadout Drops are too overpowered for their cost – for roughly $2000 a person your entire squad can get their favorite weapons and perk combinations. That may change in the future, which means it’ll be harder to, say, kill half the Warzone lobby.