GTA Online dataminers say they’ve found a secret mission based on a new in-game UFO model in the Summer Special update, with video to prove it.

Grand Theft Auto Online dataminers have discovered a secret mission involving a gigantic new UFO in the game’s most recent Summer Special update. Along with the hidden UFO, the Summer Special update also added a new green alien costume that’s not hidden away in the game’s files, but still takes some work to unlock.

The Summer Special update was one of the biggest content additions to come to GTA Online in quite a while. It added a host of new vehicles and outfits to buy or earn, plus lots of new challenges and activities. Popular multiplayer activities like Adversary Modes and Business Battles were expanded, and more Open Wheel Races came online at the same time. The update also added new co-op missions involving the Galaxy Super Yacht, a massively expensive boat that was previously next to useless despite its enormous price tag.

It seems that Rockstar Games added more to the latest update than it was ready to announce, though. A group of dataminers called The Game File Gurus has unearthed a secret mission that revolves around a new UFO model also uncovered by the group. The group shared its findings on Reddit, which include a video of the new mission in action. The Game File Gurus say that they don’t think the mission is actually available in the game yet, but they were able to activate it through some savvy editing of GTA Online’s files. Explaining how they got the mission to open at all, the dataminers told Kotaku that Rockstar has recently made it much more difficult to activate secret missions, now requiring dozens of changes to files to access them, where before it took only one edit.

For now, most players are going to have to just sit tight and wait for GTA Online’s new UFO mission to become publicly available. Until that happens, though, there’s still plenty to do in Rockstar’s chaotic online sandbox. Along with the influx of new vehicles comes more opportunities for players to pull off wild stunts or gather with other players either for mayhem or more coordinated group activities. After all, it’s always been GTA Online’s player community that’s driven the fun more than Rockstar’s own official content.

Aliens may still be a sore spot for some GTA Online players, after the player-led alien wars that broke out on its servers earlier this year. This new UFO mission promises to be a much different experience, but with no release date – or even official acknowledgement – from Rockstar Games, players may have to be content to simply dress up as extraterrestrials for the time being.