A recent report reveals that Grand Theft Auto Online is earning about $1200 a minute during the lockdown and the recently concluded alien wars.

Grand Theft Auto Online is having a pretty great run thanks to the recently concluded Alien War, with the game raking in around $1200 a minute and making millions per day. The Alien War started a few weeks ago when a group of people in GTA Online decided to dress up in green costumes and vandalize Los Santos.

The dominance of the green Alien gang was very quickly diminished by the rise of a rival group, the purple gang. The one-sided violence eventually turned into a turf war as the purple Alien gang started taking down members of the green Alien gang. The numbers kept increasing pretty rapidly on either end of the spectrum as joining either side was as easy as buying the specific costume. Rockstar made things even easier by giving away the costumes for free. The two factions eventually decided to have a final faceoff on the 15th of May at the Los Santos International Airport. However, the ending didn’t turn out to be as good as expected since players started breaking rules or were unable to find someone to fight in the lobby altogether.

According to data published by Slotty Vegas, GTA Online is making an extraordinary $1200 per minute after the Alien War. While the Alien War was trending all over social media, it was the combined effect of the lockdown safety measures and the player-run event that has led to an increase in the game’s popularity lately. The US has been in lockdown for almost two months, and according to estimates, the game’s earnings during said period stand close to $105 million.

Recently, GTA 5 was given out for free on the Epic Games Store. GTA Online has already been a profitable product for Rockstar. After the game went free on the Epic Store, it was expected that GTA Online will further experience an increase in overall revenue. Despite being a seven-year-old game, GTA Online has managed to retain its playerbase and consistently been a part of the top five most played games on Steam.

Ever since the game was given out for free, speculations regarding a GTA 6 announcement have started picking up steam. However, the game’s revenue proves the fact that players are still not done with GTA 5. Considering that, it seems less likely that Rockstar would be willing to lose out on all the possible revenue by announcing the next title in the franchise. That being said, Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, has revealed that they are gearing up for a strong development pipeline and that might be GTA 6. Whether GTA 6 is announced anytime soon or not, it is expected that GTA Online will be witnessing more of these exciting events in the near future.