Modiphius Entertainment wants you to get lost in space with Homeworld: Revelations.

One month after the 20th anniversary of the release of Homeworld, not only do we have a Homeworld 3 video game to look forward to, but a new tabletop version of the game has just been announced by Modiphius Entertainment. Homeworld: Revelations doesn’t have a release date yet, but we do know a little about the game.

Modiphius is no stranger to licensed titles; it recently released the well-received Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, and is continuing to support its Conan RPG, and another based on the Infinity skirmish wargame. The company is also a dab hand at video game adaptations; Modiphius revealed a wargame based on The Elder Scrolls series in May, and a Fallout RPG in March. 

The writing team is not only a who’s who of previous Modiphius titles, with alumni from Star Trek Adventures and Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, but also boasts Martin Cirulis, who worked on the original video game release. Members of the current Gearbox and Blackbird teams will also be working on the project.

Homeworld: Revelations’ mechanics will be based on Modiphius’ 2D20 system, and will let players become crew members of the Kushan fleet accompanying the famous Mothership. The game will include expanded background on the other major factions of the setting, from the Kadesh to the Taidan, as well as revealing whole new mysteries uncovered during the historic Exodus.

More details and a full product lineup will be coming in 2020.