Ubisoft has confirmed Hyper Scape’s Season 1 and console release date, officially bringing it out of open beta and making it available on consoles.

Ubisoft has confirmed Hyper Scape’s Season 1 and console release date.

Ubisoft has revealed Season 1 of its sci-fi battle royal, Hyper Scape. With the reveal of season 1 dubbed “The First Principle”, Hyper Scape will now be officially out of the open beta. The open beta was only available to PC players, but season 1’s release changes that. Ubisoft also has revealed the official release date of the Hyper Scape’s console edition, which is set to be released at the same time as the season 1 release.

Season 1 of Hyper Scape, arrives with a new gun and a new hack. The new mid-ranged weapon has been dubbed the “Dragonfly”, and the new ensnaring hack is called “Magnet”. Also arriving is a new battle pass that has two different types, the free and premium version. Players will be able to level up the two versions of the battle pass by playing the game, and also by watching Hyper Scape live streams with a linked Twitch account.

Besides the new items and battle pass, more things were revealed in the official Hyper Scape trailer, including a new crown cast event called “Lethal Melee”. When this event is voted upon by Twitch viewers, the game makes it so that all damage that originates from melee becomes an instant kill for a temporary duration. Also coming is the cross-platform interaction, giving players the option to team up with and against players on different consoles. Accounts between platforms are also linked together so that when you progress and buy items on one platform, your battle pass level and customization items will be transferred to all iterations of your account if you decide to play elsewhere.

The trailer also features a couple of new features besides gameplay and cross-platform. It promises a fleshed out lore and story. With that being said, we should expect to learn more about the world of “Neo Arcadia” and the “Prisma Corporation”, as well as a continuation of the lore revealed in previous gameplay reveals. Also being added are hidden collectibles that could be found throughout the game world, which will add to the expanding lore of Hyper Scape.

With the release of season 1 and the console editions, players of Hyper Scape have a lot to be excited about. The game’s heavy interaction with Twitch views is a unique experience that can’t be found in Hyper Scape’s competitors. The addition of cross-platform and expanding lore is also very welcoming. Players should look forward to what Ubisoft has planned for the game’s future.