Totally going to steal that hover yacht

This new Cyberpunk 2077 concept art is inviting you to see the lifestyles of Night City’s rich and famous with a tour of the Westbrook district.

The official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account shared a trio of new pieces of concept art showing several sides of Westbrook, which it says is “considered by many to be the best place to live and have fun in Night City”. The first thing I think of when I hear the term “cyberpunk” is grimy, neon-soaked streets and a downtrodden populace. The second thing is the elites hoarding wealth and living in opulence somewhere they don’t have to look at all those depressing common folk. Westbrook falls into the latter vision.

The concept art shows fancy-looking buildings and overpasses, in one case literally built on top of an older and less fashionable part of town. The defining image is that massive casino with a built-in waterfall and lake, as well as what appears to be a hover-yacht docked on the roof. Look past the grounds and you can see where the greenery ends and the Badlands around Night City begin, a stark contrast between carefully managed appearances and the grim reality beyond.

When CD Projekt Red senior concept artist Marthe Jonkers laid out the Westbrook district to OPM, he said it was an area defined by the “neokitsch style.”

“It’s a newer style from the later history of Night City. The gap between the rich and the poor got bigger and bigger, you get these super-rich people,” Jonkers said. “They have their own sort of visual language, visual style, and that’s neokitsch. Neokitsch is really defined by being very colourful, but also using expensive materials, because they’re really rich. Usually, that means very natural materials, animal prints and things like that.”