You might be here while searching how to increase blog traffic fast or something related terms as you are worried why your blog not getting traffic? So, in this article we will let you know some proved methods as how to increase blog traffic for free and fast. The tricks to increase blog traffic here can be used by any blogger. The strategies we mention here are latest to increase blog traffic in 2019.

Top 4 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

There are almost hundreds of different ways to get free quality viewers and readers to your blog. You must have heard of social networking, bookmarking sites etc. But doing all of them for one single blog or post is really hard work.

So I have shortened the process for you, and I am presenting the simplest way:

Simple Tips to Improve Blog Traffic

  • Social Involvement ( Necessary in today’s trend of SEO )
  • Presence ( Build it up through comments and forums )
  • Focus ( Should have diversity )

#1. Forum Posting

This is not so hard, but not too easy also. What you just need is direct links. You have to generate them from the free services and free methods. OK so lets start with our job;

The very thing is to register to the forum sites which are listed below. Two of them are dofollow. Their page rank is between 6 and 7. The other one is high trafficked website and will surely give you more than 30 to 50 viewers easily every day.

  • Warrior Forum

Just move and register to them. Post at-least 15 views and then you will be eligible for posting links. Now move to your profile, add the forum signature. In Warrior you have to pay for adding image, but in the other two there no such limitations. You have to pay more focus on warrior forum, since it always blasted with readers. It will take just 20 minutes to give about 20 to 30 responses in all of them. In these valuable minutes don’t put more than 5 to 8 direct links to your blog posts ( It’s necessary in-order to prevent Google from assuming that you have joined some link scheme )

#2. Social Engagement

Now let’s focus on some important social sites. Facebook and Twitter only works if you good number of friends and followers, else they are useless. But make sure to give at-least on tweet and one FB like to your blog and its posts every time you publish them. You have to create accounts in the listed social networks:

Such A Huge Number Of Readers May Breakdown Your Server Or Your Host Will Through You Out

It’s a request; please don’t take the above message as joke. I am not kidding. If you calculate the total number of visits they all totally get every the, then I think it will move beyond 10 million. But in-order to get good viewers from them you has to perform hard work. They can surely help in Drawing Traffic to Your Blog. I think my previous posts may help you in this case :

For Stumbleupon, you just need good images. You have to choice relevant tags and relevant categories. Over here your promotion completely depends on thumbs up. One or two ups from stumblers and you will start getting featured. Few of the topics on stumble get around millions of visits. There are total of more than 25 million users. Make friends and follow them, send message and request them to follow you. This is simple and you will get non consistent visitors.

Getting featured on Digg is the most important and most reputable work. If you get into the first page of Digg, you will get direct do follow links to your post and its page rank is 7.

Jumptags, are used by thousands of publishers in order to scrape the content. Bookmarking your blog in this social site will really help you get fantastic links and good number of viewers.

#3. Improve Blog Traffic with YouTube

I don’t think I have to give any explanation for this video sharing platform. Getting featured on the front page can simply bring your more than millions of views every day. Since we all know, humans always need more, they will surely visit your blog. You can keep an assumption of around 75 visits from every 100 views ( If your video is really funny or informative ). Please consider my post on SEO for YouTube for better results.

So let’s time up the whole work..

Adding links to stumbleupon and self-stumbling two sites will not take more than 3 minutes. It’s really easy. You won’t need more than 4 minutes to submit your blog links to Digg, Reddit and jumptags. Creating a good video is really a hard work, but we don’t need to create original work always. Using the tips discussed below will help

#4. Drawing Traffic to Your Blog

Use Firefox add-on, download helper, and then download any most viewed movie clip or song. The best is to get with some latest game. You can also download videos on beach, or fashion shows. Then use free software named Freemake. This software can easily convert your video, crop the length and make it unique again. Now upload the video to YouTube and follow my Video SEO tips. Embed the video to stumbleupon and your own blog. This process must not take more than 20 minutes. It depends on your internet speed and your work.

So totally we have to spend 20+3+4 and the total is 27 minutes. Lets take it 30 minutes. You still have 10 minutes left. So let’s make use of it also.

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