Square Enix unveils new screenshots of its upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, including a look at the game’s cute and cuddly pre-order Summons.

A wave of new screenshots for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake have been released by developer Square Enix today, including a look at some of the game’s Summons. As with any title in the long-running Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy VII Remake will allow players to call upon a handful of friendly monsters to help battle their enemies, and some of the smaller and fluffier offerings will be available right off the bat as pre-order bonuses for the game ahead of its release date in April.

In the world of Final Fantasy VII, these Summons are called forth from magic spheres called Materia, which are forged from “Mako” energy drawn from the Planet’s life force. These creatures can range from cute, cuddly critters like the chubby Mog or fearsome forces of nature like Bahamut or Shiva. Due to the original Final Fantasy VII’s transition to 3D graphics, these Summons were some of the most well-remembered in the series, with dazzling attack animations that could take up to a full minute for certain monsters. Naturally, the upcoming remake is expected to feature these in a new, high definition light befitting their original splendor.

The latest screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake show off the three Summons that are available as pre-order bonuses. These include the fluffy Chocobo Chick that comes with all versions, the cactus-like Cactuar that is included with the 1st Class Physical Edition, and the feline Carbuncle that is available with the Digital Deluxe Edition in the PlayStation Store. You can check out the screenshots of all three of these creatures in action below along with their artwork.

Even before the game’s announcement in 2015, an updated remake of the iconic Final Fantasy VII for current or next-gen consoles had been one of the video game community’s most requested releases. Fans of the 1997 classic yearned to see the game’s characters, settings and creatures rendered with modern hardware – a wish that was finally granted when the first trailer for the remake was shown at E3 2015. Since then, more trailers and images from the game were released over the years leading up to the game’s long-awaited release, wowing gamers with a vibrant look at the world of Midgar with a modern coat of paint.

All three of the monsters in the screenshots are Final Fantasy series mainstays, so it makes sense for Square Enix to showcase them as part of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s marketing. They all look great in the updated engine’s graphics, and even more impressive in action due to the dynamic particle effects on display. Final Fantasy VII Remake looks to be a stunning game visually and these classic creatures have all been brought to life quite nicely, especially when it comes to the Baby Chocobo’s fluffy yellow feathers or the Cactuar’s shiny green skin. Fans can now preorder Final Fantasy VII Remake ahead of its April 10 release date, which will let them call forth these adorable powerhouses in their battle to take down Shinra.