Nike and T1 will partner together to set a new precedent for esports going forward.

Nike is arguably the most well known sports performance company in the world. It’s hard to find people not familiar with the brand and its prevalence in traditional sports. The apparel giant continues to invest into the esports scene as well after the well know organization T1 announced their partnership with Nike.

T1 is a well-known esports organization that has rosters in Apex Legends, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Dota 2, PUBG, Super Smash Bros and predominantly known for their League of Legends team. They will also show their hand in competitive Overwatch this year as the Overwatch Contenders Academy team for the Philadelphia Fusion (formerly Fusion University). The South Korean organization will sport Nike apparel going forward for their teams and utilize the partnership in other exciting ways.

Joe Marsh – CEO of T1 – pondered what this partnership could mean and how it can help T1 solidify itself as a global brand for the future. Aside from their performance apparel, Nike will work with T1 with premier training programs (both physical and mental) that won’t be anything previously seen in the esports industry. To help with that, Nike will be providing some truly “cutting-edge training facilities” for the T1 headquarters set to open in Seoul this year.

This partnership between Nike and T1 is a big moment for esports as it continues to push into the main stream with each step. If this proves successful, it could continue to open up other options for esports organizations, leagues and players going forward. Fans of T1 can be excited too as Nike generally has some great apparel. With big brand sponsorships like Nike and Ninja with Adidas, it feels as if the esports industry is about to burst open and become a staple alongside other competitive industries going forward.