Game streamer Ninja has made a donation to food banks helping in the coronavirus crisis.

Inspired by the actions of Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon, who have both made big donations to charities helping people affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus), Ninja and his wife-slash-manager Jessica Blevins have pledged $150,000 to Feeding America.

In a video, the Mixer streamer announced his own donation, as well as encouraging those who still have spare cash to donate as well. They’re also using Ninja’s social influence to promote measures to flatten the curve, reiterating how important it is to take coronavirus seriously and practice social distancing.

The charity they’ve chosen, Feeding America, is currently working to help the huge number of people who’ve been affected by coronavirus in America, with a dedicated COVID-19 response fund. The work Feeding America is doing includes making sure the 22 million children who rely on school lunches are still able to access good meals while schools are closed. It’s also working to distribute other essential supplies such as cleaning supplies, diapers and personal care products to those in need.

Others who are able to donate to coronavirus relief can do so with Feeding America here, or Food Banks Canada, which also received a part of Ryan Reynolds’ $1 million donation.