Once again , borderlands 3 is now two for two in 2020 in creating events that are mainly just changes the game needs on a base level. We just finished up the “Farming Frenzy” event where Rare Spawns appeared more often and had better drop rates, and also Maliwan Takedown introduced temporary scaling based on playercount.

I said back then that those were changes that needed to be permanent, as it made no sense why something like player scaling would be temporary. And also Rare Spawns were awful and their drop rates were awful and both needed buffs.

Well, that’s exactly what happened, and as I predicted, as a “we listened!” moment, Gearbox said that it was making permanent changes in both areas, and the results have been great so far. Now, they’ve done another event, this chest farming one, where again, the kind of buff they’re advertising needs to simply be a permanent addition to the game.

Chests in Borderlands 3 have been painfully underwhelming pretty much since the game came out. We have already seen one buff to the chests at the end of Proving Grounds, but generally speaking, open any red chest in the game and only once in a blue moon would it produce a legendary.

Now, this event has loaded these chests up with legendaries, and it’s clear that some level of a permanent drop rate buff is in order for all red chests in the game.

I don’t think it can be this extreme, however, with players getting chests full of legendaries so frequently. But yes, you should be able to do “chest runs” and get a couple legendaries here and there, rather than seeing them maybe once in every ten openings, which is a generous interpretation of the old rates.

This would also probably need to come with some hotfixes to some of the existing chest farms, like the one I mentioned yesterday where you can glitch your way into a Cistern of Slaughter chest every 90 seconds or so and drown yourself in loot.

Chests aren’t ever going to be too strong, even with buffed drop rates, because they lack a lot of specific gear that you can only get farming certain bosses or rare spawns. But I think buffing their rates to some degree needs to be a permanent change as I genuinely cannot remember ever getting excited about opening a chest once I knew how bad their drop rates were, especially compared to past games.

My hunch is that yet again, Gearbox will say “we listened!” an implement exactly what I’m talking about here. Until then, farm those chests as fast as you can, as even if a drop rate increase does come, it probably won’t be this good, and some of these current speed farms may be killed off in future updates.