PUBG  Mobile Lite has two special events where one is exclusive for Women’s Day. There’s also a Lucky Spin event that players can take part in.

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, PUBG Mobile Lite has introduced a new special event. Players can take part in the Women’s Day exclusive event and also a ‘Lucky Spin’ event on PUBG Mobile Lite which are currently live.

PUBG Mobile Lite Women’s Day event will continue till March 8. In this event, players can take part in the event and win in-game bouquets and exchange them for rewards. There are specific daily missions as well through which players can collect different kinds of bouquets.

PUBG Mobile Lite also has a Lucky Spin event going on which will continue till March 25. Through this Lucky Spin, players can take part in a lucky treasure event. For the first draw of the day, players have to shell out 10 Battle Coins (BC). After this players can spin it multiple times to receive a reward.

Then at the end players have the option to use ‘Lucky Coins’ and exchange them for rare items at the exchange shop. One thing players have to keep in mind is that the exchange shop will close once the event is over on March 25. If the coins aren’t exchanged then they will expire.

PUBG Mobile Lite players can also expect a major update coming soon. This update is expected to bring new features like a new logo, night mode and room card. There’s also speculation that a new lobby with a snow theme is expected to arrive in the next PUBG Mobile Lite update. In addition to this, a new UAZ weapon and an off-road vehicle could be introduced in PUBG Mobile Lite.