After years of pleading from fans and more than a few teases from the company itself,PUBG players can finally shoot rockets at each other.

Players of PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS are finally getting something they’ve wanted since the game launched… literally, in the form of a Panzerfaust bazooka. For fans of the iconic battle royale title, this is great news, especially since recent reports of PUBG Esports controversies have left a bad taste in many players’ mouths.

The company has been trying to keep their players as involved as possible in the development of PUBG moving forward, and the fact that they often debut new potential game modes and mechanics on PUBG’s test server (and are open to changing them if player opinion demands it) proves they are trying to keep their fanbase invested, even as other battle royale games like Call of Duty Warzone aims to pull away even more players. Recently, the company has even asked their LABS players to help them decide on new PUBG competitive mode rules.

Now, PUBG is making players even happier by finally allowing them the ability to have rocket launchers, although it comes with a weird caveat: Right now, the new Panzerfaust bazooka will only appear in Karakin as an uncommon spawn, and not any of the other PUBG map locations. As reported by PUBG’s recent patch notes, the bazooka is guaranteed to be in every airdrop on Kakarin and can be used to blow up certain kinds of walls “much like the sticky bomb.” Once fired, the base of the Panzerfaust is dropped and a deadly backblast will emit from the rear of the weapon, so squads should be careful not to accidentally fry themselves when trying to blow up an enemy vehicle.

PUBG is also making changes to other weapons, once again thanks to feedback from players. Originally only available in Care Packages, now both the M249 and DBS will be “available on ALL maps as uncommon ground loot.” Additionally, the recently-weakened UMP-45 is getting “an increase in power across the board” and a new pulse effect has been added to PUBG’s ground items to allow players to see them more easily. This last change is optional and can be disabled in the Gameplay menu setting.

Now that PUBG has airplanes and rocket launchers, it’s likely beginning to feel much more like a fresh experience for many players, especially those who have stuck with the game since its original launch. Although the recent release of Call of Duty Warzone will likely pull even more players away from the PUBG battlefield, the company remains determined to continue refining their gameplay and adding mechanics to keep players invested. People have been asking for rocket launchers in PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS for so long, after all, their inclusion may bring back players who haven’t touched the game since 2018.