Tencent Games, the company behind one of the most popular and played online smartphone games — PUBG Mobile, has launched new mode to the gameplay which was tipped last week. PUBG Mobile has added Arctic Mode to the game which is available as a part of EvoGround game section. The company has confirmed that the game is widely available for all the players via an OTA update.

The company has also shared a short video which highlights different features of the new mode. It also shows some essential tips and tricks which will help players in the Arctic Mode.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Details

The newly launched Arctic Mode is available in the Vikendi map where players have to eliminate opponents and survive the environmental cold. The company claims that this mode brings extreme gameplay where players have to be very cautious about the ultimate cold weather.

According to the PUBG Mobile official newsroom report, the cold weather will appear periodically throughout the gameplay. The developers have also added a new health bar signifying the body temperature. Whenever a player is exposed to the cold, the health bar will go down. If a player forgets to keep an eye on this bar, then hypothermia might occur to the in-game player which may result in a loss in the game.

PUBG Mobile Introduces New Arctic Mode: Here's How To Play

To fight against the challenging weather condition players need to find any shelter and start a fire which will help them to stay warm. To start the fire players needs to collect the gather branches before the snowstorm. Meanwhile, players can also use the fire to roast chicken to gain some warmth. Your safe spot might attract other players, so stay alert all the time.

You can also lite up the fire to create an ambush for other players. The developers have also added new items to the gameplay, including heater, health packs, remote-controlled drones, and snowmobiles.