PUBG Mobile devs have regularly released waves of bans of players that cheated in the game.

Developers of PUBG Mobile Tencent Games has long waged a war against hackers and cheaters. It has regularly released waves of bans of players that cheated in the game. And now in a new video the company shows how they decide and go about banning cheaters. Though it does so in a rather dramatic manner. The video dramatizes the whole process of receiving a report and the process of verifying if the player is really cheating.

The video starts off by talking about a person who was banned for killing players that really could not be seen. It then goes to show how this person was banned and the first line of defense is apparently called a security defense system. This automatically monitors all in-game data. Now the player in question here didn’t have any anomalies in the player log. But having reports from several other player is a massive red flag. But the devs can apparently infer from video evidence if a new cheating method is being used. Even if the hacker didn’t use hacks at the beginning of the game and switched his device to hack on a different device during the last few minutes of the game.

The video even goes on to mention that if the banned person was a high level streamer, the devs usually have enough evidence for such actions. And no amount of posting on community boards by that person or the hacker would change their decision. The developers team mentions that upholding fairness in the gameplay if of primary importance to them.

This video comes ahead of the introduction of the death replay system. The devs are set to introduce this feature with the next update. This feature has now been confirmed by the devs in a tweet on the main PUBG Mobile handle. This will help players understand if they were killed by a hacker.