GTA V wasn’t the only contributor to Rockstar’s terrific decade, as Red Dead Redemption 2 is also putting up impressive numbers.

Rockstar has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V was the best-selling game of the last decade, and Red Dead Redemption 2 did pretty well for itself, too.

The last decade was a great one for the video game industry in a number of ways. It’s hard to believe, but we were well into the 2010s before the current generation of consoles arrived. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were both released in 2013, and the Nintendo Switch didn’t arrive for another four years after that.

Countless games have come and gone during that time. Some titles will go down as classics, and others we will revisit for years to come. However, there has been one that has remained at the forefront of gaming for the past seven years, and still shows no sign of slowing down. Of course, that title is Grand Theft Auto V, which Rockstar recently revealed to be the best-selling game of the 2010s.

GTA V was the best-selling game of the decade based on US dollars, and also named the game of the decade by BBC which goes by physical sales in the UK. So a best-seller on either side of the Atlantic. Truth be told, most people would have probably assumed this to be the case anyway since GTA V became the third best-selling game ever a while ago having sold 115 million copies and counting.

GTA V wasn’t the only contributor to Rockstar’s terrific decade. Red Dead Redemption 2, which wasn’t released until 2018, is the best-selling game of the past four years. It is also on the cusp of breaking into the top 20 best-selling games of all time and currently sits tied for 21st alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at 26.5 million sales. Best of all for Rockstar, both games’ online traffic is stronger now than it was when the games were released.

All of the above could well be one of the reasons why Rockstar is reluctant to reveal what’s coming next. With GTA V and RDR2 still doing so well, why would they want to distract players with what might be coming next? At this rate, the only thing we can think of that will slow the two games down is the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year, and we’re not even convinced that will change anything either.