Twitter user Darth Plagueis the Wise has posted images they created of an older version of Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

A Twitter user has created some images showing what Starkiller from The Force Unleashed might look like as an old man. The Force Unleashed originally released back in 2008, and despite mediocre reviews, has become one of the best selling Star Wars games of all time. Starkiller became immensely popular and was featured in both The Force Unleashed games, as well as Soul Caliber IV, a graphic novel, and even merchandise.

Starkiller has one of the more interesting backstories in the Star Wars expanded universe as he was originally the son of a fugitive Jedi. He eventually becomes Darth Vader’s secret apprentice after Vader murders his father. The Sith Lord then uses Starkiller as a means to track down and kill the remaining Jedi so that they can eventually overthrow Emperor Palpatine. As the game progresses players can decide whether Starkiller follows the light side of the force or succumbs to the dark side.

Twitter user Darth Plagueis the Wise showed off some images they created of an older version of Starkiller. One of the images shows Starkiller with a gray hair and beard, as well as a fairly wrinkled face. The other image shows him sporting much shorter hair, but a longer beard. A lot of fans find it very hard to imagine an older Starkiller as the character dies in the original game’s canonical ending. Interestingly enough, the images were retweeted by Sam Witwer who voices Starkiller in the series.

Sadly, since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 which means that the series is no longer a part of Star Wars canon, but rather a part of the expanded universe. After this acquisition, Disney branded most of the extended material as Star Wars Legends and therefore are not in the same canon as the films. While understandable, this decision eliminated one of the most powerful force users from Star Wars. Aspects of The Force Unleashed linger in canon. In the game, it was explained that the rebels adopted Starkiller’s family crest as their logo and that is the logo that the rebels use to this day.

Despite The Force Unleashed’s many problems, the game brings a special amount of nostalgia to a lot of Star Wars fans. The game was one of the first times that fans were introduced to such a powerful character, and being able to control Starkiller made players truly feel like a force user. Old man Starkiller, on the other hand, is an incredible idea because, despite being older, the character looks no less dangerous or angry.