Fortnite Season 4’s latest Marvel hero, the Silver Surfer, finally arrives today as part of a continuing wave of classic superhero guest characters.

Fortnite has gained yet another Marvel superhero as part of its Chapter 2, Season 4 bonus content: the Silver Surfer. So far, icons like Iron Man, Thor, Storm, Wolverine, and Groot of Guardians Of The Galaxy fame have been added to Epic’s massively popular online multiplayer battle royale title over the past week or so, trading in Fortnite’s signature gear and weapons for their classic special abilities.

Fortnite’s recent Marvel crossover is as bizarre as it is fascinating, with its backstory being told through in-game comic books that add new chapters every day. Word that the space-traveling hero known as Norrin Rad (who was transformed into the Silver Surfer to serve as the herald of the planet-devouring being Galactus, though he would eventually rebel against him) would be coming to Fortnite spread across the internet earlier this week as part of a data mine of upcoming content, which included a special silver-colored Reflector gun and the Silver’s iconic surfboard. Now, it looks like that leak has been confirmed.   

Earlier today, Fortnite announced on Twitter that the Silver Surfer is now available to download as part of Chapter 2, Season 4’s Battle Pass. According to this message, the Surfer has broken free of Galactus’s control and is now offering his incredible powers to help the citizens of the Island, as illustrated by a promotional image of him sailing in the sky alongside the Battle Bus.

This recent wave of Marvel content is hardly the first time that characters from the House of Ideas have graced Fortnite with their presence. In years past, fan-favorites like Deadpool and Thanos have made appearances in the game to either promote an upcoming film or provide players with special challenges. Marvel heroes aren’t the only special guests to be featured either, as DC characters like The Joker, Aquaman, and Black Manta have been made available as unlockable player skins, and even real-life celebrities like Travis Scott have joined in on the Fortnite fun thanks to events like the highly successful Astronomical concert earlier this year.

The Silver Surfer remains an incredibly popular character in the world of Marvel Comics, and his inclusion as part of Fortnite’s recent wave of Marvel content makes sense given how the Season 4 Battle Pass’s storyline involves both Galactus and Thor (who has recently become the World-Devourer’s newest herald). Now fans will be able to wield the Power Cosmic for themselves, as well as get to see the novelty of the typically stoic and reserved Surfer busting some classic Fortnite dance moves, by purchasing and downloading the Silver Surfer character skin as part ofFortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 starting today.