How Steve Trevor returns from the dead may have just been revealed

Major Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers are now out in the wild – seemingly due to the untimely release of a handful of books aimed at younger DC fans.

As per Bleeding Cool, it appears that the titles Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel and Wonder Woman 1984: Meet Wonder Woman both go into a fair bit of plot-heavy detail surrounding Diana’s next big DC outing.

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here – you’d need the Lasso of Truth to get those out of us – but be aware that there’s information available on Steve Trevor’s unlikely return, Maxwell Lord’s nefarious plans, and the role Kristen Wiig has to play in proceedings as Cheetah. Now is, therefore, the time to start avoiding certain Reddit pages, begin muting certain phrases on Twitter, and being super careful around coverage for what is one of 2020’s last remaining leading lights at the box office. 

While nothing from those two books is official, and novelisations can take liberties with the events of the movie itself at the best of times, there appears to be at least some merit in these Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers. Luckily, nothing from the final third has been revealed, so we can find some solace in nobody apart from the movie’s creators being aware of how this story ends.

For something more official on the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel, we can look towards DC’s all-encompassing FanDome online event on August 22. Alongside a confirmed look at Wonder Woman 1984 are appearances from the cast and creators of The Batman, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, and even the Justice League Snyder Cut. Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released worldwide on October 2.