How to create Google ‘People Cards’ in four easy steps

On 11th August, Google announced ‘People Cards’. This allows users to build an online presence by creating a virtual visiting card and discover others on Search.

The People Cards feature is aimed at helping individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers who are just getting started and may not have a website or much of an online presence at all. To help them want to be discovered and help the world find them, Google rolled out the ‘People card’

Google’s People Cards allows users to create a virtual visiting card on Search, highlight their website & social profiles, and also add contact information and a brief description of ourselves that we would like others to know.

This feature is a first for India, rolled out because of the special affinity people in India, the world’s second-largest internet market, have shown toward looking up their own names on the search engine.

Note: It works only on Mobile devices and is available on

How to create your People Card/Virtual Visiting Card on Google Search

Step 1 : Type “add me to Search” in Google Search on your phone and click on ‘Get started’

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Step 2 : Google prompts to sign in to your Google Account

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Step 3 : Provide all necessary information such as name, a brief description about yourself, location, links to your website, and social media profiles, also add an image of yourself. You can also provide your phone number or email address for people to contact you.

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Step 4: On filling all the details, Tap on the “preview” option

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Step 5: Your People card’s preview option appears. Tap on the ‘Save’ option to create the card and that’s it.

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Step 6: Finally, to view your card, open Google search again, and type your ‘name’ or type ‘’add me to search’’ and that should display your people card. Here is a People Card’s Example of how your virtual visiting card may look:

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Google said that for every new card, the user must authenticate the account with a unique mobile number. He/she will have complete control of the information to be included on the card and can opt-out of the experience anytime, which will stop their details from appearing in Search.

How secure is People Cards?

To make sure people find reliable and helpful information, the tech giant has put together several protections and controls. It has also added safeguard mechanisms to protect against offensive content.

There is a feedback button with the help of which users can identify and report low-quality information or a card that they believe was created by an impersonator.

For people looking to find someone on Search with their name, the card will be available. There will be a module with the name, profession and location which users can tap to see their card.

For people who share the same name, the Search will show multiple modules. The unique information will help users distinguish between different individuals to find accurate information.