Custom WhatsApp stickers: Making custom stickers on WhatsApp is quite a straightforward process, once you have the right app. Here’s how you can create your own WhatsApp stickers in no time.

Custom WhatsApp stickers: WhatsApp stickers are just one of the many ways that users can enhance the quality of their messages sent to others on the application, just like emoji, GIFs and other media. These stickers can be status images or even animated and then sent on Android smartphones or Apple iPhones. While competing messaging services like Telegram and Signal also offer similar sticker features, their user base is nowhere close to WhatsApp’s 2.5 billion users.

In addition to downloading hundreds of stickers from the Play Store or the App Store, the Facebook-owned messaging platform also allows user to create their own WhatsApp sticker packs. These sticker packs can be imported into the app from the device where they were created. Users can create both static and animated sticker packs, and you can create and add multiple stickers at the same time. Here’s how to create custom WhatsApp sticker packs.

Making sticker packs on WhatsApp: Apps required

In order to make your own sticker packs on Android and iOS, you will need to install specific sticker creator apps on your device. These apps allow users to select images from their phone storage and create a single sticker pack that can then be imported into WhatsApp.

How to make your own sticker packs on WhatsApp

Step 1) After downloading the apps, you can create a new sticker pack from inside the app. Open your recently downloaded app to get started.

Step 2) You need to start by entering the name of the sticker pack and the name of the author. After this, you can begin making your own sticker pack by selecting the images from your gallery, Google Drive, etc.

Step 3) You can add up to 30 images to your sticker pack. These stickers can be either animated or static, but one sticker pack cannot have both. After you add each image, you should be able to crop and edit them.

Step 4) Make sure you have all the stickers you need in place, as once the sticker has been imported in WhatsApp, you will need to create a new sticker pack to add new ones. Then hit the Publish button to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp which will allow you to send these stickers to other users.