I was using OBS Studio to record some videos of CS:GO with the ‘Game Capture’ option, but was consistently left frustrated with a black screen when I launched the game.

How to resolve obs black screen for game capture

At the time there was no information on the internet, but I figured out the problem. So if you are experiencing the same problem here’s the solution.

  • Open up CS:GO or whatever games you want to use OBS game capture
  • Pull up OBS
  • Right click to pull up a menu a select ‘Add’. If you like, name the file.
  • In the ‘game capture’ box pull out the drop down menu at the top and select the game you want to capture. Then check the box titled, ‘anti-cheat and compatibility hooking’ and click okay.

Since I resolved my problem, I have noticed other users have encountered the OBS black screen when using a NVIDIA control panel. To fix the OBS black screen game capture with NVIDIA open the control panel and follow these instructions.

  • Select ‘Manage 3D Settings’
  • Click on ‘Program Settings’ tab
  • Pull up OBS in the program list. If it’s not there, add it to the list
  • Open the application folder and select OBS64 or OBS32
  • Tick ‘show only programs’
  • Select ‘High Performance NVIDIA processor

Either of the options above should resolve OBS black screen. However, if the problem still persists, you may want to try alternative software that has a game capture feature such as Wondershare Filmora scrn.

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