Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purpose only. We don’t encourage hacking or cracking. In fact we are here discussing the ways that hackers are using to hack our digital assets. If we know, what methods they are using to hack, we are in very well position to secure us.

Software Keylogger:  A software keylogger can be downloaded on the victim’s PC. As soon as it is activated it starts recording each stroke of the keyboard that victim makes. The software keylogger has to be downloaded on the victim’s computer without his knowledge. The keylogger would remain undetectable in the background and once it captured all the keystrokes of the victim, it will send the reports of captured data to your email.

How To Hack Facebook Account Using Keylogger

Step by Step Guide to Use Keylogger to Hack Facebook Account

Step 1st: In the first step, download a good keylogger. You can also download emissary keylogger. You can also download some other keylogger via Google search.

Step 2nd: Once you download the emissary keylogger, extract the files on desktop. Many a times your anti-virus might delete the keylogger. So, disable the antivirus before downloading the emissary keylogger. There are no harmful viruses in this keylogger so don’t afraid.

Step 3rd: Now, in the third step execute the emissary.exe file and you will instantly see the window as seen in the image below:

Step 4th: Now, in the fourth step enter your Gmail details in the keylogger then click on “Test” to test the connection. You can create a fake gmail id for this purpose. Here you should test that all the information of keystrokes are delivering to your email or not.

Step 5th: In the fourth step, enter the time at which you would like to receive reports through email. You can use 20 minutes as it always preferable. Also change your server file name. Check all the boxes as shown in the image below:

Step 6th: Now click on ‘Build’ button and create your server file (make sure that your server file is in the same directory).

Step 7th: As this keylogger is free, you cannot send the server .exe file from email services. In fact, all of the email services don’t allow sending and receiving .exe files. It is therefore you need to first crypt and bind your file to any other file such as in image, videos, document etc. If you don’t know how to crypt and bind files than follow the below method to bind the file:

How to Bind Keylogger with Image, PDF or any other File:

Step 1st: In the first step, you need to download any file binder. I would recommend you to download shockwaves file binder. The password is futuretricks.

Step 2nd: You would have three files now. First one is the keylogger.exe file, second one is image or pdf file in which you would like to bind keylogger and third one is shockwave file binder.

Step 3rd: Now, you are required to open the shockwave file binder and you will find two browsing options there. In the first browsing option select the image file or pdf file in which you would like to bind the keylogger. In the second browsing option you need to select the keylogger .exe file as shown in the image below:

Step 4th: Now, tick on “Run Second File Hidden” and also click on Bind Button as shown in the image below:

Step 5th:  Now choose the name and path of the new file and your file is successfully bound with the keylogger.

Step 6th: Now send this file to the victim and as soon as he open the image, PDF or any other file with which you had bind the keylogger, the keylogger will be installed in the victim’s computer.

Step 7th: Once the binding process is complete, you can also upload this file on free file storage websites such as mediashare, rapidshare, 4share etc. You can either send the victim the direct download link from the free storage websites.

As soon as victim execute the file you send, the keylogger file will installed on his computer and it start searches all the keystrokes including the username and passwords of facebook and send you email containing all the keylogs and screenshots from time to time as the time interval you have set earlier.

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