In order to protect their customers’ privacy, some network operators allow you to hide your number when making a call. Here’s how to block your number from Caller ID, if your carrier supports this feature. Android and iPhones

Smartphones can perform a wide range of functions today, but one of the most basic features continues to be the most popular – making calls. When you dial a number using your phone, the recipient can see who is calling, which means the Caller ID feature will display your number on their device. However, there are times when you don’t want your number to be seen by the caller. Here we show you a really nifty trick that will ensure anonymity for you, but remember, this may not be allowed by the telecom operators in many regions.

In order to protect your privacy, many network providers allow users to mask their phone numbers when dialling out. Just like pop culture “blocked number” or “private number” phone calls, hiding your number from Caller ID is possible on both Android and iPhone.

There are a few ways to hide your phone number when making a call, which we have detailed below. It is important to note that your carrier will still have a log of all the calls you made while using this feature, and it might not be supported in all regions.

How to block your caller ID while dialling a number from iOS or Android

This is one of the most well-known methods of blocking your phone number from showing up when you make a call.

Step 1) Copy the number you want to call without showing your phone number.

Step 2) Enter the asterisk symbol followed by 67 in the dialer app

Step 3) Now enter the number you want to call, or paste it from your keyboard.

Step 4) Tap the call button to begin the call. If your operator supports this function, it should not display your phone number on the recipient’s phone.

Block your caller ID for all outgoing calls on iOS and Android

Typing the vertical service code every time you want to mask your Caller ID can be quite tiring, but thankfully, another method exists on both Android and iOS smartphones. Users can visit the Phone app on Android and tap on the menu icon, then go to Call settings and toggle the settings to hide or show Caller ID.

Apple iPhone users will have to go to the iOS Settings app and tap the Phone section, then tap Show my Caller ID and turn the toggle off.

However, it is worth noting that many carriers will not allow you to block a number using these methods. We tried both methods on our devices and found that the calls would not connect until we turned off the feature and tried making a regular call. You will most likely need to contact your carrier to find out the official procedure you need to follow to legally block your Caller ID while contacting another number.