Malaysia has now gone ahead and extended its restrictions until the pandemic is controlled. Malaysian Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin announced this decision on Sunday. The Prime Minister said that the phase one of the national recovery plan will remain in place until the targeted threshold is met. The country has been under lockdown since June 1.

Two weeks ago it was reported that while Europe was opening up for travel, countries such as Malaysia, and Singapore were still not willing to do so. In Phase 2, the country wants to open up its non-essential services, and also allow 80 percent of its workforce to return to work.

Experts in Malaysia are of the opinion that the restrictions must continue given the fact that the daily cases are continuing to remain around 5000, with about 80 deaths. In such a scenario, with extended restrictions, travelling to Malaysia certainly seems not possible.

Malaysia is a much preferred destination in Asia, but with the ongoing covid situation, it is getting hard for the country to really open up for travel. A multicultural destination, Malaysia is full of great experiences, and of course the food here is really good.

Malaysia had recorded 5586 new COVID cases on Sunday and that had brought the total number of covid cases to 734048. The total death toll is 4944.