“On April 5th, Sunday, night at 9’o clock, switch off all the lights for 9 minutes and stand at your doorstep lighting up a torch, candle, diya or mobile’s flashlight. In that shining light, the country and the world will come to know that we are not alone in this fight” says PM Modi, in his address to the nation today, in order to keep up the spirits of Indians.

PM Modi assured that the 130 crore Indians are not alone in this fight against coronavirus and stressed that lockdown is essential and the only way to tackle the crisis. “Don’t ignore social distancing at any cost, through which we could break the chain. The country is fighting the deadly virus and will do it, until it goes off” he added.

As the country is in the mid-way of the lockdown as it happens to be 10th day today, it looks like Prime Minister wanted to lift up the spirits of the citizens. In his motivational appeal to people of the country today, Modi told only about 9PM vigil asking people to not come out of the houses during this event, like how people did during Janata Curfew’s 5 PM march earlier.

On the other side, Modi made no comment against the lockdown’s extension or lifting it up.