The Indian National Congress (INC) has been reduced to ZERO in the national capital and many political pundits believe that the ‘grand old party’ of India is going through a major leadership crisis. Since 2014, the INC is struggling to win elections as the people of India believe in PM Narendra Modi’s leadership for the general elections.

It was PM Modi’s dream to make India ‘congress free’ and he has been able to do it to a great effect. However, this hasn’t stopped Congress from using cheap tactics to target BJP and Modi. Recently, on ‘Hug Day’ Congress shared the old ‘infamous’ video of Rahul Gandhi hugging the PM Modi forcefully in the Lok Sabha and write “Hug don’t hate”.

This message shows that they don’t want to introspect and change their tactics even after losing deposits on 66 assembly states in the recently concluded Delhi elections. Check out the video INC posted on Twitter, here:

It needs to be questioned that despite losing elections after elections, Congress believes that BJP’s tactics are wrong without looking at their own mistakes. Immediately after Congress shared this video on social media, their tweet was flooded with replies from BJP supporters and all those who don’t believe in their style of politics.

People questioned Rahul Gandhi’s ‘danda maaro’ comment on PM Modi. Check out some of the replies to Congress’ ‘Hug Day’ post, here:

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