Asus ZenFone 8, ZenFone 7 series haven’t been launched in India yet.

Asus ZenFone 8 Flip, Asus ZenFone 8, Asus ZenFone 7 Pro, and Asus ZenFone 7 are receiving new ZenUI updates. The updates for the Asus smartphones bring new features, enable some others, and bring fixes to some known issues. The Taiwanese tech giant is releasing the updates in parts of Europe and it is uncertain when other regions will receive the update. Asus hasn’t released the ZenFone 7 or the ZenFone 8 series in India yet. However, the ZenFone 8 Flip and the ZenFone 8 – part of the Zenfone 8 series – may soon come to India as Asus 8Z Flip and Asus 8Z, respectively.

Asus ZenFone 8, ZenFone 7 series updates: Changelog

The updates for these Asus smartphones were announced on the ZenTalk community forum. The v30.11.55.50 update for the ZenFone 8 Flip adds new features like “gesture detection sensitivity in one-handed mode” and its camera app now supports SMS type QR codes. Additionally, Asus has fixed some issues related to full-screen mode, Gboard, status bar display issue, and Netflix HDR playback. The ZenFone 8 Flip now also has optimised call and camera quality along with improved system stability. And Asus has enabled VoLTE for the device on carriers in Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, and Spain.

The v30.11.51.57 update for ZenFone 8 has a similar changelog. One addition is the enhancement of the wide camera contrast and improvement to the Night mode for the ultra-wide camera. Asus has enabled VoLTE on the device for carriers in Russia and Spain, and has enabled VoLTE and VoWiFi on carriers in Finland and Norway.

Asus ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro have received improved system stability along with an unspecified Android security patch with the v30.41.69.66 update. It also fixes issues with Gboard and the status bar display, along with an issue of the smartphone getting rebooted while using the Wi-Fi hotspot. The update also fixes an issue regarding thumbnails not appearing when connected to a computer, which appeared after the smartphones were updated to Android 11. Asus has enabled VoLTE and VoWiFi on the devices for carriers in Russia.

The updates will be rolled out in phases and all devices are expected to receive the update soon.