VR hasn’t captured the attention of mainstream gamers yet. However, this statistic gives Sony a reason to push it on the PlayStation 5. Could this be the start of mass VR adoption?

  • New data shows that virtual reality (VR) games are pulling in a lot of money.
  • Sony has plenty of reasons to push VR on the PlayStation 5 (PS5).
  • Now is the best time to get involved with VR.

Virtual reality hasn’t captured the attention of mainstream gamers just yet. However, the interest is there, and PlayStation 5 could create a tipping point.

According to a report from VR Fund investor Tipatat Chennavasin, 106 virtual reality titles have made at least $1 million in revenue. This stat shows that VR is becoming more than an enthusiast tech.

This Statistic Proves VR Will Be Huge on the Playstation 5

Chennavasin attributes part of this success to last year’s Oculus Quest. The standalone headset starts at $400 – only $100 more than a Nintendo Switch. It’s not the most accessible price point ever, but not ridiculous for what is essentially a new console.

With the recent rumors surrounding Sony’s new VR controllers, the PlayStation 5 publisher might be ready to push the new tech even further.

Sony Has Every Reason to Push VR on the PlayStation 5

Chennavasin’s data also shows that players aren’t buying headsets and forgetting about them after one title. They’re consistently logging in and buying new games. This is a great sign for next month’s Half-Life: Alyx. Players may buy a headset for the continuation of their favorite franchise, but they’ll likely stay and try out other experiences.

This Statistic Proves VR Will Be Huge on the Playstation 5

What’s especially interesting is that by 2020, Sony’s PlayStation VR had more apps crossing $1 million than competing headsets. That’s all the more reason for Sony to continue advancing VR on the PS5.

We already know the PlayStation 5 will support the original PSVR, and paired with a potential new controller, we will definitely see a Sony VR next-generation push. That means more developers and publishers will take a chance on this new tech.

Plus, Sony would be crazy to leave the 5 million PSVR owners in the dust.

Now Is the Time to Get Into VR

Stats like these mean there’s no better time to get involved in VR. Ubisoft is looking into it. Valve will absolutely follow up Half-Life: Alyx with something else. And Facebook has Horizon coming.

This Statistic Proves VR Will Be Huge on the Playstation 5

Strange enough, Microsoft doesn’t have plans for VR right now. That’s especially odd considering the company’s interest in future technologies like xCloud.

But even with the Xbox Series X’s notable advancements, Sony has a big card to play if it announces more VR support with the PS5. While there will be first-party VR titles for sure, this support will absolutely inspire other studios to get involved.

It seems like we’re on the cusp of the mainstream’s adoption of VR, and Sony could lead the charge.