WhatsApp users, once in a while, have to deal with the issue of transferring chats on their phones. It can turn into a problem, but you can avoid that. Here’s how to ensure this feature will work.

WhatsApp is fun most of the times when you chat with family and friends and keep updating them with your most recent activities or thoughts. These are valuable chats and you would want to keep them as long as possible. So, when the time comes that you switch phones and have to transfer these chats, the process can be less than entertaining. The problem can be massive as WhatsApp is being used by millions of people. Now, WhatsApp is looking for a fix.

It has been reported that the next major WhatsApp feature will be the ability to transfer chats from your iPhone to an Android phone in a simple way. WhatsApp allows you to backup your chats and restore them but this is possible only within Android phones or iPhones separate universes. However, it is now working on a tool to let you transfer your chat history from your iPhone to an Android phone. WhatsApp is planning to make this feature available to beta testers in a future update.

We’ve been hearing about this feature for quite some time but we don’t know exactly how it will work. WhatsApp is still working on this feature but WABetaInfo has shared a video demonstrating how the chat transfer will look like. It’s a 55-second video showing chats getting transferred from an iPhone to an Android phone. WhatsApp will ask you if you wish to transfer your chat history and media to your new Android phone. You can press the start button to transfer your chats. Also, if you skip this step then you will not be able to transfer later.

Once the chat transfer starts you will be asked to keep your phone unlocked and this app open. WhatsApp will start the preparation and then your chat history and media will be transferred. When the chat transfer is complete, you can continue setting up your Android phone and restore it. One important thing to note here is that you shouldn’t disconnect your cable until you’re done with the entire process which includes restoring your chats as well. This means that you will have to connect your Android phone to your PC or laptop to transfer your chat history from your iPhone.

WhatsApp uses iCloud for chat backup on iPhone, and Google Drive on Android. For cross-platform compatibility, you will most likely have to first move your WhatsApp chat history and media to your laptop and then to your Android phone.