The RJJ Boxing prospect

140-pound prospect Kendo Castaneda kept his undefeated record tonight in Reno, Nevada, stopping Stan Martyniouk in the sixth round of their UFC Fight Pass main event.

Castaneda (17-0, 8 KO) was solid here, doing more or less as expected with Martyniouk (20-3, 7 KO). He looked to the body early on, but admitted that Martyniouk defended that well, forcing him to move to headhunting. It wound up working well enough, as he overwhelmed Martyniouk with a sixth round flurry, putting the Estonian-born Californian on the canvas, where the referee waved the fight off immediately.

After the fight, Castaneda, 25, mentioned former UFC bantamweight (135 pounds) champion Cody Garbrandt recently calling out Adrien Broner, and offered to fight Garbrandt. That’s unlikely, since if Garbrandt is going to fight a boxer he’d probably like to make money against someone the public has heard of, no offense to Castaneda. But Castaneda is continuing to do the work in front of him, and it wouldn’t be any huge surprise to see him work his way into a title fight in the next year or so, at least if the right connections are there.

Oscar Vazquez D-8 Gilberto Mendoza

Solid fight, had some high points in the fourth and eighth rounds, and we ended on a majority draw, with two 76-76 cards overruling a 77-75 Vazquez card. Vazquez is now 15-2-1 (3 KO) and Mendoza 15-7-3 (7 KO). This might have been even better if either guy had much power, but instead they had to grind and nobody got too clearly shaken at any point. Sentiment seemed to be that Vazquez probably deserved the win, but it’s not a terrible call, probably.

Ricardo Lucio Galvan UD-4 Mobley Villegas

A fun four-rounder between a couple of young guys, with Galvan (3-0, 2 KO) dropping Villegas (2-1, 2 KO) in the final round, but he couldn’t put him away. Both guys have plenty of work to do as far as technique and experience, but they went out there and scrapped, no doubt about it, and that’s all anyone should really ask at this level. The crowd was really into it.

Rosalinda Rodriguez UD-6 Myrka Aguayo

Rodriguez is now 11-0 (2 KO), a 33-year-old Florida bantamweight. Unlike some more famous and heavily pushed current women’s boxers she competes in a division where a few people can actually fight. She pretty easily outclassed 21-year-old Aguayo (2-2, 0 KO), but that was expected.

Peter Cortez RTD-2 Daquan Mays

Low-level fight, Cortez (2-1, 1 KO) a hometown fighter in Reno who really beat the crap out of Mays (3-1, 1 KO), a Vegas fighter, enough so that Mays’ corner stopped it after two. Neither of these fighters are likely headed anywhere, but they came out and fought. Cortez was all aggression and just smacked Mays around the ring for six minutes.