The Mexican Grand Prix promoter says that the Netflix Formula 1 series Drive to Survive has encouraged a significant surge in first time ticket buyers – and especially among women.

Alejandro Soberon, president of race organiser CIE, says that there has been a 30% increase in ticket buying among women for this year’s race.

CIE is also involved in TV production, and is well-versed in analysing the response to programmes.

“We noticed that we have a 30% increase in interest from women,” said Soberon. “I think this series especially had an effect on ladies who found very extremely boring this racing concept until they discovered there was drama behind, there was a different narrative. And I think that helped.

“Many of the guys who used to come alone now have a problem! It used to be a free weekend and not it might not be a free weekend anymore because their ladies might say, ‘Hey, I’ll come!’”

Soberon says the series made the drivers appear more human, broadening the appeal of the sport.

“I think it was a very big success,” he said. “It was a great idea, and it was well executed. And it just basically gives you a substantially bigger scope of what is behind this.

“It’s not so distant any more, you can touch it somehow, it become more human. All this technology and these lunatics who can race at 300km/h… They seem like aliens. And I think that series just made them humans again.

“We know exactly who buys the tickets, we know the gender, the age, where they are coming from. We investigate, we think it’s fundamental in this business. So we know. It’s a real surge in interest from windows.

“We have tested, and it’s directly related to the Netflix series. And they answer, and they comment, and at least in Mexico it was wildly successful.”

US GP promoter Bobby Epstein has also indicated that his race received a significant boost from the Netflix series.