Rise and shine, TikTok users. Kylie Jenner just broke a record.

When the makeup mogul released the video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office earlier this month, she probably didn’t anticipate the clip of her singing Stormi Webster awake becoming a viral sensation. But alas, the “rise and shine” moment indeed went viral, spurring countless memes, covers from stars like Miley CyrusCody Simpson and Ariana Grandeand even a dance remix that Stormi mistakenly thought was sung by papa Travis Scott.

Now, the trend has reached new heights, as #RiseAndShine is officially the fastest hashtag in TikTok history to reach 1 billion views. According to The Mirror, content under the #RiseAndShine hashtag raked in over four million views the day Kylie posted the clip to the social media platform. By the end of day two, it had surpassed 70 million. And by the end of the weekend, it hit the 1 billion benchmark.

For her part, Kylie has fully leaned in to this viral sensation.

The 22-year-old spent much of last week responding to fan-made memes, as well as creating some of her own. She also recreated the catchy tune for big brother Rob Kardashianand—not one to let an opportunity pass her by—Kylie even made “rise and shine” merchandise for the KylieShop.

This just goes to show you really can’t predict what the Internet will make popular.