Entertainment industry is one of those which was hit badly due to corona virus. Economy related to cinema came to a standstill not only in the country but also world wide. There is no entertainment work going on now. With coronavirus still in its peaks in many countries there is no clarity on when normalcy will be restored and people will lead normal lives.

Especially film makers and all the people who lead their lives depending on cinema are uncertain about their future. However Lakshmi Manchu in a latest interview has spoke about cinema post corona pandemic.

She said that Corona is here to stay. We have to learn to lead our lives with the virus. Currently there is no vaccine which means we cannot eradicate it completely. However cinema has been integral part of our lives. We cannot separate it either. Cinema will again be the major entertainment factor for people all over the world. However we have to change our way of living. We have to take certain precautions and live with the virus.

For sure there will be changes in making cinema as well. It will be interesting times post covid-19. We have to see how we can withstand those.