Artwork for the Final Fantasy VII Remake released on Twitter today that shows off the enhanced graphics of the title, while reworking an iconic scene.

New artwork for Final Fantasy VII Remake was released on Twitter that shows off the game’s amazing new visuals. Fans have been preparing for the release of this remake for several years – namely, ever since it was announced during the 2015 E3. The original version of the game released back in 1997 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games ever made.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will follow the storyline of the original title. Players will still get to experience the story of Cloud Strife as he and his friends fight against the evil Shinra Corporation. There are some major changes to the game mechanics and gameplay though. The largest change is that combat will take place during real-time, compared to the turn-based combat of the original. Players will be able to move around freely and attack enemies to build up the “Active Time Battle” bar and then use special abilities like magic, items, or special combat moves. The other obvious change is that the graphics, music, and sound effects have all been updated for modern systems.

The official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account posted the new artwork this morning, and it shows off just how well the game looks with its updated graphics while also being a reimagining of a classic FF7 scene. The characters themselves look entirely different compared to their PlayStation 1 counterparts. Whereas the original sported blocky appendages and rough edges, everything has been smoothed and updated for HD visuals. The new art was accompanied by this text, “Combining incredible visuals, stunning world-design, a glorious musical score, seamless strategic action-based combat and a captivating cast of characters.”

Fans have been excited to get their hands on the Final Fantasy VII Remake for quite some time now. While the game seems like it will finally be released on April 10, 2020, it has experienced an extremely turbulent development cycle. The developers of Final Fantasy VII Remake realized that remakes are harder to make than new games. The title has wound up being such a massive undertaking that the game has been split into several discs and multiple episodes. Final Fantasy VII Remake has also been delayed multiple times at this point, with the most recent delay taking place just last month.

Final Fantasy VII is one of those games that has seeped deep into video game lore and culture. Gamers who have not ever played the game know specific details about it – like the terrifying bad guy Sephiroth or the fate of fan-favorite character Aerith. This game isn’t just a video game, but rather a cultural touchstone for gamers in the 90s. It is very important to a lot of people that the remake holds up to their experience with the original game. With the amount of time that Square Enix has had to work on the title, hopefully Final Fantasy VII Remake can be the game that everyone has dreamed of.