In a new tweet the Call of Duty: Mobile devs have teased this new feature.

It seems like Activision is all set to bring weapon skin customization next season to Call of Duty: Mobile. In a new tweet the devs have teased this new feature. And the tweet just shows the different guns and there are no details of this new feature yet. The text of the tweet reads, “Weapons just the way you want them. Coming to #CODMobile next season.” And the video mentions that customization is the future. Also Read – Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 brings an updated Credit Store: Here is everything new

Activision, Tencent Games, and TiMi Studios recently shared information regarding Season 8 of its “Call of Duty: Mobile” here. As part of the reveal, the company also shared the official teaser of the upcoming season. First up, the company is calling the new season “The Forge” with emphasis on crafting weapons. It follows the path that previous updates have paved for users with the introduction of new maps, weapons, and more. Inspecting the content, the events, characters, and in-game items follow the “post-apocalyptic theme”. Let’s check out the details around the upcoming Season 8 for smartphone Battle Royale game, Call of Duty: Mobile here.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 The Forge details out; details

According to the dedicated post on the CallOfDutyMobile sub-Reddit, we get to know all the details regarding the update. Taking a look at the post, the highlight of the update is likely the latest “Highrise” map. The company also revealed that the map features multiple points for a counterattack at the construction site. This construction site is located on the top of a tall building. We also get a mix of office buildings to offer closed-quarter combat, open rooftops, and a helipad. The multi-floor layout along with object placement makes things interesting and engaging on the map. Call of Duty: Mobile players can use the map to play in multiple modes. These include Attack of the Undead, Kill Confirmed, Team Death Match, Search and Destroy, Domination, and the new Juggernaut mode.