A clever Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fan has found a way to demonstrate the AN94 reloading files found in the game’s directory on a different gun.

Weapon leaks are nothing new to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community. Every season update brings new leaks, information, and possibilities for the future of the game’s franchise. What is rare, however, is the ability to see Modern Warfare leaked weapon’s animations before release.

One talented Modern Warfare fan hs given the community this opportunity, using the in-game files they can layer the animations onto almost any gun. The effects are actually really interesting and give a good look at future Call of Duty weapons.

Using Maya, Reddit user shreddieSthroway has layered the in-game weapon animation files into a model of the GRAU 5.56. This gives players a look at how the animations will eventually be along with a taste at the upcoming AN94’s feel. Most of the animations are fairly standard, pulling back pins and removing clips. It is interesting how the operator flicks the clip off for a quick reload or spins their wrist for a partial reload.

Fan’s immediate response was positive. Many commented on the impracticality of turning the entire wrist upside down for a reload, but could not deny the effect that it had on the animation. Although cool, it was a rather awkward way to handle reloading the weapon. Fans hope for some alternative animations to be included once the AN94 is officially launched.

On a positive note, the reload animation was rather quick, leaving fans hopeful that the weapon will feature fast reloading as a default. Although the animation is simple, many consider it unique enough to stand out in a crowd. Even though the animation was on a different weapon, they still stood out as unique to the AN94, as no other gun boasts the same kind of unique reloading technique.

The debut of the AN94 will be interesting. The real-life equivalent was brought off production due to the build being too complicated. The gun was initially designed to have a delayed recoil, so the gun will be functional without any recoil attachments. As long as players are mobile, burst firing, and well-practiced, the gun will be a potent ally in any game mode. It will be exciting to see how fans put this powerful weapon to use.