GTA Online jet pilots flew in formation using red, white, and blew smoke trails in an impromptu display that turned the game lobby into an air show.

Jet pilots in GTA Online turned an entire game lobby into one giant air show. Rockstar’s most popular title’s online element had an interesting glitch recently that made players invincible against NPCs, though, the bug isn’t the most lamented aspect of the game. Seven years after its release, GTA Online players still want faster loading times – something that may come to fruition on next-gen consoles.

Despite GTA Online’s massive following, fans have still been wondering about the next addition to the franchise. Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn’t been officially announced by Rockstar, but that hasn’t prevented rumors from making the rounds on the internet. One theory speculated GTA 6’s reveal date and location, citing a Take-Two Interactive earnings call as the rumor’s source, though, the rumor was later debunked.

A video on Reddit posted by imhereforthetea33 showcases a group of jet pilots in GTA Online who turned a game lobby into one giant air show. The pilots’ jets are spewing smoke trails in red, white, and blue – one color per jet. The colors are indicative of Independence Day fashion, though, whether this specific display is intentional or not is unclear, as the user didn’t anticipate community members participating in the flight.

Comments regarding the post have mostly featured fans reminiscing about other impromptu community events they’ve experienced, such as one user’s success at transporting nine other players in a bus. Others bemoan the nearly-inevitable interruption of griefers who like to ruin cooperative and amusing endeavors, such as the city bus driver’s experience with a griefer who tried to destroy everyone on board, but ended in a bad day for the instigator.

Civilized displays of gamers coming together without prior communication, independent of each other, in an online RPG for a spontaneous festivity that doesn’t feature someone ruining the fun are increasingly rare. This impromptu GTA Online spectacle is an amusing organic event that shows altruistic and cooperative capabilities still exist within online community members who don’t necessarily know each other beforehand. Moreover, the activity gives air show enthusiasts a virtual opportunity to witness something else that has become increasingly rare, especially for those who have witnessed Kentucky’s Thunder Over Louisville – one of the biggest annual air shows and fireworks displays in the United States that kicks off Kentucky Derby season – which was cancelled this year due to the pandemic.