Proletariat Inc’s fantasy battle royale RPG Spellbreak will be coming to the Nintendo Switch upon launch after a closed beta on PS4 and PC.

Proletariat Inc’s Spellbreak, a fantasy battle royale RPG where players take the role of battlemages duking it out for magical supremacy, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Spellbreak will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and other platforms upon launch, but only PlayStation 4 and PC players will be able to access Closed Beta. Although Closed Beta has been available on the PlayStation 4 since Spring 2020, Proletariat Inc is still recruiting players for the PC version. Despite that, Spellbreak already has a page on the Epic Games Store that allows players to view and purchase the game’s Founder Packs, which contain varying amounts of in-game currency and goodies.

Combat in Spellbreak centers around choosing a class and unleashing spellcasting combos on opponents by utilizing earnable items and class-specific spells. There are six released classes, which include the fire-based battlemage Pyromancer, the wind-based Tempest, and the ice-based Frostborn.

The other three classes are not stated on Spellbreak’s PlayStation 4 page, but they are also elemental based. There’s the poison-based Toxicologist, the lighting-based Conduit, and the earth-based Stoneshaper. Each class has its own unique playstyle, which presents different advantages and challenges for players to explore. All players start matches with only one class spell available to them before unlocking increasingly powerful spells in a set order as the match progresses.

Spellbreak challenges players to combine their class spells with other elements by equipping Gauntlets that they find scattered around the map. Each Gauntlet has its own elemental charge, which can be combined with the player’s class spells to produce unique combos and painful displays of power. For example, when the Pyromancer’s Fireball and Toxicologist’s Toxic Cloud interact, they create an explosion called Dragonfire that does more damage than both spells would alone. Needless to say, this can lead to a chaotic–and deeply enjoyable–gameplay experience.

As the game is still in closed beta, players can expect the game to undergo many changes before it officially hits launch. To date, the closed beta has already had 30 updates. Proletariat Inc has not given an estimate for when Spellbreak will be launching, but fans can expect to have a blast with its frenetic gameplay when the game finally hits the market.