With E3 dead, WB Games is taking its big reveals online with a new virtual event.

WB Games is hosting a virtual event to make up for the complete lack of E3 this year, and that means we might finally get a new Batman Arkham game.

E3 is dead. At least this year, and maybe forever. This is terrible news for indie game developers and journalists, but it’s also bad news for WB Games, the video game division of Warner Bros. Entertainment. According to Kotaku, they were planning on making some pretty big announcements during E3, including reveals of a new Batman game, the Harry Potter RPG, and a new game from Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios.

It was also going to be WB Games’ first year at E3. Helluva year to pick, guys. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

To make up for E3 dying due to a plague, WB Games has decided to do what everyone else is doing and just host a virtual event later in August. They’re calling it the DC FanDome event, named after DC Comics fansite. It’ll take place on August 22 at 10 AM and feature several major announcements.

As with E3, we’re totally expecting to see a new Batman game. Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy should also get an official reveal, and whatever the heck Rocksteady is working on will also see the light of day. It might be a Suicide Squad game, or it might be something completely different. We’ll find out in August.