Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is speeding to a June 23, 2020, release on PS4 and Switch.

After being indefinitely delayed right on the cusp of release, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer is finally ready for its race debut. Aspyr Media has announced that the nostalgic classic will be speeding to PS4 and Switch on June 23, 2020. The game will still launch for $14.99 and contain all of the previously mentioned extra features.

That’s great news for fans of the original. While the visuals may not hold up that well, the gameplay is still rock solid. Possibly the best thing to come out of the prequel trilogy, Episode 1: Racer and its various ports took 1999 by storm. Made with a real passion by LucasArts, it was a rare type of licensed game that did justice to its source material.

If everything goes well with this port, maybe Aspyr can continue to bring classic Star Wars games to modern platforms. It would be nice to see something like Knights of the Old Republic or even Republic Commando on the Switch. I’m always down for spontaneous co-op action.

Until that happens, we’ll have to make do with Episode 1: Racer. Mark your calendars for next week, because Anakin is ready to hit the track. Just be sure to watch out for Jabba the Hutt on your way to the stands.