Yee haw.

Ubisoft’s 2013 western Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is headed to Nintendo Switch, it seems. The Entertainment Software Rating Board has published a rating for a Switch version, which seemingly confirms that the game is headed to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

On top of that, developer Techland has begun to sent out viral marketing for the game to some media outlets. VG247 reports that it received a western-themed postcard showing an old-timey character playing Call of Juarez on the Switch. An official reveal is scheduled for high noon PT on Thursday, October 24, so it won’t be long until all of this is confirmed.

In 2018, Techland bought back bought back the rights to Call of Juarez from Ubisoft. The company hasn’t said anything about bringing the series back to life, but a teaser released in October 2018 suggests the studio has more plans. Gunslinger was the fourth entry in the series, preceded by Call of Juarez, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and Call of Juarez: The Cartel (which was the only game in the series to take place in modern times).

If Gunslinger does indeed come to Switch, it will be among the first westerns on Nintendo’s platform. Nawia Games released Western 1849 Reloaded, an arcade-style shooter, was released in August 2018 for $8 USD. A comedy adventure role-playing game called West of Loathing was also released for Switch in 2018.

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