Leon and Claire are arriving in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s PC version starting today.

Leon and Claire are arriving in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s PC version starting today.

Alright, Capcom, we get it: you own a lot of great franchises. But does it make sense for Leon and Claire, two of Racoon City’s best, to try and take down monsters in the world of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Just look at Leon’s tactical vest and Claire’s sidearm–these are two things that just have no place in Monster Hunter World.

Geralt of Rivea killing monsters? Sure, that makes sense. Resident Evil? Not so much.

But that doesn’t seem to have stopped Capcom from shoehorning one of their beloved franchises into another of their beloved franchises. Resident Evil is crossing over into the world of Monster Hunter World, this time for the PC.

The same event already swept through Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s PS4 players last November, but now it’s the PC players’ turn. This is all to eventually sync up the two player bases so that this bizarre months’-long delay stops hopefully sometime soon.

Racoon City’s crossover event seems to be the same as it was on the PS4, so we can do a quick rundown on what’s in store. Some mad scientist named Blackveil Vaal Hazak is experimenting with weird Effluvia spores that are “out of the ordinary.” And by that, we mean they’re turning hunters into zombies. It’s not so bad in that your zombie form hungers for monster flesh, giving you a bite attack against giant beasties.

Completing the quest “Return of the Bioweapon” (which is locked to Mastery Rank 20) will give you materials to create the Leon α+ and Claire α+ layered armor sets which turn you into Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield. You also can get three Raccoon City-themed pendants to make your favorite weapons look like a Resident Evil fan’s cell phone.

There’s also two new gestures that are zombie-themed, and new decorations to give your room a bit of a Raccoon City feel. Oh, and you can pay a little extra to make the handler look like Mr. X.

On consoles, the Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds crossover came right after the Resident Evil event, so expect that to follow. Claire and Leon will be available in Monster Hunter World from February 6 to March 12.