The renowned hacker group has claimed that the Tesla CEO’s quest to save the world is more rooted in a superiority and saviour complex than actual concern for humanity.

  • Hacker group Anonymous has called out Elon Musk for several of his cryptocurrency-related decisions in the recent past.
  • The group claims that Musk destroyed the lives of crypto investors with his company’s decisions and “public temper tantrums “on social media.
  • It alleges that Musk’s public image is a carefully created one and that it is now being exposed.

Elon Musk has become the latest target for the renowned hacker group Anonymous. In a new video elaborating on his wrongdoings, Anonymous has sent warning shots to the Tesla CEO, blaming him for destroying the lives of cryptocurrency investors with his tweets.

In a video now doing the rounds on the Internet, Anonymous has called out Musk for his recent moves related to the cryptocurrency market. The video mentions that the recent tweets by Musk show a clear disregard for the average working person and that his “public temper tantrums “have liquidated the dreams of hardworking individuals.

“Reading from the comments on your Twitter posts, it seems that the games you have played with the crypto market have destroyed lives. Millions of retail investors were really counting on their crypto gains to improve their lives,” Anonymous states in the video.

It further pinpoints several recent moves by the Tesla CEO, alleging that the decisions were made purely on the profitability basis for the company and with no regards to the future of cryptocurrency in general.

The most recent one, for instance, was the decision by Tesla to stop accepting Bitcoin payments for its electric cars. Anonymous says that it is widely believed that Tesla was forced to denounce this payment option.

It states that the company generates most of its revenue through the green carbon tax credit from the governments of the countries in which it operates. It alleges that the reason the use of Bitcoin was stopped was to maintain this flow of revenue from the government.

Anonymous alleges that Musk was already aware of the energy consumption associated with Bitcoin mining before citing it as a reason for not accepting Bitcoin payments for Tesla.

It further asserts that Musk acted clueless about this in “an attempt to play both sides of the fence” when the supply of green credit money from the government was threatened.

Elon’s alleged unfair practices

These allegations by Anonymous were not limited to Bitcoin. The hacker group states that the Tesla CEO has enjoyed the “most favourable reputations of anyone in the billionaire class” for the past several years by tapping into the general public’s desire for electric cars and space exploration. This “carefully created public image,” however, is now being exposed.

Calling him “nothing more than another narcissistic rich dude,” the video alleges that his quest to save the world is more rooted in a superiority and saviour complex than actual concern for humanity.

To highlight this, Anonymous cites the example of numerous complaints by Tesla employees over intolerable working conditions faced by them in the past years. It also mentions the young children employed in lithium mines to produce lithium, the major component of lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars, or most other electronic devices for that matter.

In the video, Anonymous states that Musk is “not the only show in town” and that his competition is growing every day. Blaming him for social media trolling and memes affecting the lives of many others, the video sends warning shots to the Tesla CEO, stating- “you may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match.”

It seems like Musk has taken note of the warning video. Since the video’s appearance online, the Tesla CEO has sent out a tweet saying “Don’t kill what you hate, Save what you love,” and has a new blacked-out Twitter profile picture. There is, however, a possibility that the updates have no relation to the Anonymous video.