Google appears be listening in to your requests. The search giant has finally begun letting Maps users manage their profiles directly from within the mobile app.

The feature which a large number of users have to asking Google to for the while has been finally added as part of the latest update (v1-.29.1). Once you’ve updated your ad Android phone, you can now change your Google name and profile photo, add a short bio to your profile, as well as manage account settings and privacy tools from the Maps app.

As Android Police points out, previous versions of Google Maps would only allow users to check their Local Guides points, so the options to edit and manage public profiles are more than welcome for those who want to do it from the mobile app.

Your public contributions can also be hidden on your profile now. You can head over to Menu > Your Profile > More > Profile settings and turn off ‘Show Contributions’ on your profile. Do bear in mind though that your name, photo and bio will always be found on your profile and this bit of information will be visible publicly.

That’s not all. There’s also an option that allows you to make your profile invisible to business if you don’t want your information used for any commercial use. That said, this is a server-side update, so it might take a while for Google to make the feature available to users in India.

Folks over at Android Police also note that things ‘Contribution tab’ could feature a shift to a new interface soon. A new interface has been in Beta stage for months now, with the new interface visible only a handful of users of now.